• Nothing But Tire Prints

    Fransiscó is onto an adventure to develop a smart adventure motorcycle for the future. Smart, because it uses the latest materials, manufacturing and design philosophies. For the future, because it leaves nothing but tire prints

    The developments will be documented here to fuel discussion, to teach, to provide engineering knowledge or to simply entertain.

In case of setbacks…keep going!

Two years after enjoying the New York to LA adventure, which led to the idea for an electric adventure motorcycle, we were back on track for another motorcycle adventure.

The goal this time, from Nijmegen the Netherlands all the way to Istanbul Turkey. I just quite my job to start-up Fransiscó, so I was on a really tight budget. I bought a cheap adventure classic, a 18 year old Honda Africa Twin. In preparation for the adventure I maintained and modified the bike to make it more reliable. I will come back to that later on.

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Framing before painting

As you may know by now, some time ago I got the idea for an electric adventure motorcycle while nearly running out of fuel in the desert. Once an idea gets me really excited, I frankly just want to flat-out start creating it. Although my passion and drive are invaluable and essential, I also realise that it is good practise to first take a step back and analyse the idea. Is my idea still relevant once it is finished? Does it suit the world it has to function in? How can it fulfil my needs and desires?

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Don’t become a phone booth – designing an adventure motorcycle interaction

I’m old enough to remember the boxy phone booths on our street corners. Now we have smartphones and make calls everywhere we want. This makes the interaction with the phone booth, and the phone booth itself, obsolete. Over time most product interactions become obsolete due to technical advancements and/or changed social behaviour. By designing the future interaction in relation to the future context, we make sure that the future product remains relevant.

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How it all began

In the fall of 2012, me and a friend went on a road trip in the USA. Riding two big fat Harley Davidsons, we crossed the United States from New York to Los Angeles. Although Fransiscó had already been founded by that time, the road trip would become a milestone event for Fransiscó.

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