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Category: Fransiscó

Lightweight; a way of life

Over the years I developed Fransiscó into a lightweight engineering company. Not only is this an ever more important topic, as discussed in: Why lightweight is important for (almost) everything, but it actually started as a personal passion.

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The sound of silence

The sound, or better the lack of sound, is what’s a bit confusing about Formula E. There is some whine from the electronics and gearbox, plus you can hear the air being pushed aside when the cars pass by. As with most electric vehicles, not much else. It is a strange feeling when you’re used to loud engines at race tracks. This is immediately the crux….if you’re used to it.

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Don’t become a phone booth

Over time most product interactions become obsolete due to technical advancements and/or changed social behaviour. By designing the future interaction in relation to the future context, we make sure that the future product remains relevant.

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How it all began

In the spring of 2012, me and a friend went on a road trip in the USA. Riding two big fat Harley Davidsons, we crossed the United States from New York to Los Angeles. Although Fransiscó had already been founded by that time, the road trip would become a milestone event for Fransiscó.

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Topology Optimisation – Learning from Nature

Products designed using topology optimisation are often organic looking. Round flowing shapes, with voids and with added air. Typically these geometries are difficult to manufacture, except using 3D printing or additive manufacturing. For this reason, topology optimisation and additive manufacturing go hand-in-hand.

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