Fransiscó's story

It was the fall of 2012. Two friends riding 2 big Harley Davidsons across the USA from New York to Los Angeles. Nearly halfway into the road trip, on the “Extraterrestrial” highway in the hot Nevada desert, they ran critically low on fuel. Jokingly, while managing and minimising their fuel consumption, they discussed the idea of a motorcycle adventure on a capable electric motorcycle. The batteries could be charged using solar panels in the sunny desert.

Quickly it became apparent that hauling along solar panels isn’t a practical solution, still the idea of an electric adventure motorcycle stuck in the back of their minds. In the next years, step by step the idea became more concrete and in 2015 Gilbert quit his job and devoted all his time on this project.

Several passions come together in this development project:

  • The passion for motorcycle adventure
  • The passion for lightweight & efficiency
  • The passion for new concepts, technologies and innovations

The adventure motorcycle project has been financed by performing engineering consultancy assignments for automotive, consumer, marine industry and industrial customers. The focus for these assignments have been on concept development, additive manufacturing (3D printing), composites and material reduction by using generative design and topology optimisation. The knowledge and experience gained with these projects is applied for the motorcycle and vice versa.

Two friends riding two big Harley Davidsons on the famous "Tail of the Dragon" in Tennessee USA. 

Just fueled-up when they passed this road sign:

Low on fuel at the "Extraterrestrial" highway. They eventually reached a fuel stop, running on fumes.

View at the "Extraterrestrial" highway, here the seed for the adventure motorcycle was planted.

My Background

The driving force behind Fransiscó is Gilbert Peters. He started Fransiscó in 2009 next to his full time job. His passion for long distance motorcycle adventures and innovation eventually lead to the idea for a smart adventure motorcycle. 

Gilbert started his career as a car mechanic at a local car dealership. In the mean time he studied for his Bachelor of Automotive Engineering and later for his Masters in Mechanical Engineering. This combination of practical hands-on experience and academic knowledge proves to be invaluable time and again.

After graduation, Gilbert gained experience by working for various small businesses and multinationals, mainly in the Automotive industry. Expertise was gained in automotive engineering, concept development, composites and additive manufacturing.

With a great passion for innovation and out-of-the-box solutions, Gilbert is driven to do things smarter, more efficient and with minimal harm to the environment. Hence the mantra: Nothing but tire prints.

Media & Award

Gilbert Peters entered the 2015 Additive World Design Challenge with a redesigned motorcycle swingarm.  The swingarm was topology optimised and featured high level of part integration. 16 components were integrated into one single swingarm.    

First price was awarded during the Additive World Awards in Eindhoven. 


The adventure motorcycle project has been featured in various Dutch web & print outlets. Please get in touch if you want to feature the project. 

  • Sprout
  • KIJK Magazine
  • 3D Print Magazine
  • AMT


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