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Engineering Masters 

Engineering Masters is a Network of Freelance Engineering Professionals, dedicated to providing exceptional engineering services to clients worldwide.

As a freelancer you are a small business. Traditional networking events might not be your cup of tea. Often the engineering expertise you bring does not resonate with your local network. Not saying that it cannot be useful, but if you would like a network of like-minded professionals, please read-on.


Established in 2023

Engineering Professionals

Together we support over 100 businesses
with our engineering expertise

So, why Engineering Masters?

As a freelancer you enjoy the freedom you have. You take on the assignments that fits best to your situation and capabilities and you have the pleasure to work within several companies in a short time period.

Still, you might be missing something. For instance, permanent collegues, facilities, training and a relevant network.

  • Know and use each others expertise
  • Have access to additional professionals in case of temporary high workload 
  • Ask the network for recommended suppliers of e.g.:
    • Injection moulding
    • CNC machining
    • Electronics
    • Etc. etc.
  • Collective buying power of e.g.:
    • Insurance
    • Hardware (IT or tools)
    • Software (CAD license, support)
    • Training and coarses
  • Promote your expertise
  • Financial (tax) advice
  • Share facilities or tools

Freelance Engineering Professional?

Are you a Freelance Engineering Professional and want to join the network of engineering professionals? Please write us an email via the button below, describing who you are, why you would like to join. 

Joining is currently free-of-charge. The only contribution we ask you is to share your knowledge and network. 

At this moment we will only accept freelance engineering professionals residing in the Netherlands. Later other regions can join. Stay tuned.

Commercial business?

Are you also aware that the group of Freelance Engineering Professionals is getting bigger every year? Do you think you have a service or product that can benefit our network members as a collective? Please contact us via the button below.