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Engineering Services

Over the years we gained a tremendous amount of engineering experience and knowledge. Fransiscó offers this knowhow in a variety of engineering services.

From early phase concept development, to product development of existing or improved systems to specilistic lightweight engineering.

We offer these services for turn-key projects, from first concept up to the delivery of Proof of Function prototypes, but also as interim service where and when capacity is needed.

Please contact us at to setup a meeting, face-to-face or remotely, to discuss your specific engineering challenge

In overview:

Product Development


Topology Optimisation

Lightweight Engineering



Finite Element Analysis

Product development of a steering system

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis is a fundamental tool used frequently in concept development and product development projects. We also offer this expertise and our experience in sole analysis assignments. 


Investor support – We support (early) investors by e.g. evaluating technical claims and evaluate the budgets required for hardware development. Are the claims valid? Are the technologic benefits relalistic? Honest and without the rose-tinted glasses. 

Engineering support – Do you have a team of young talented engineers, but do you sometimes need the opinion of an experienced engineer? We can offer that service on a one-time basis or by frequent regular visits.


Our hands-on mentality means that we build what we digitally develop. We have a valuable network of suppliers for parts, machining and 3D printing. In addition we have a utilised small workshop for assembly, test and analysis.  

Composites, plastics, metals, mechatronics.