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Sometimes you need just a little support, no big project involvement, just a small shot of engineering consultancy excelence. 

We offer various engineering consultancy services. With our large network of specialist we can offer a wide variety of specialisms. Contact us at to discuss the possibilities. 

Investor Support

Are you an investor wanting to invest in a hardware start-up? You have legal and financial advisers, right? But do you also have an Engineering Consultant? Someone who can assess the technical claims and the claimed budget requirements? Keeping your feet on the ground?

We support (early) investors by e.g. evaluating technical claims and evaluate the budgets required for hardware development. Are the claims valid? Are the technologic benefits relalistic? A honest sanity check, without the rose-tinted glasses.

Engineering Support

We bring a wealth of experience. Do we know it all? No certainly not, but by asking te right questions we help  engineers and managers to confirm their focus, (re)think their decisions or to offer a different viewpoint.   

Sometimes you need someone from outside of the organisation, outside of the business politics to make the big step needed to grow as an engineer or engineering department.

Engineering Coaching

Do you have a team of young talented engineers, but you acknowelde the lack of an experienced engineer who sometimes look over their shoulder?

We can offer a coaching support on a one-time basis or by frequent visits at set time intervals.


With our network of partners we can offer a training online or on-premise, with or without workshop and customised to your product portfolio. 



Fresh minds have fresh ideas. Brainstorms can be a very good tool to come to new insights, product ideas, services or concepts.

Often their is a benefit of having an outsider in the brainstorm team. It changes the daily office dynamics, can bring in fresh out of industry ideas and sharpens the discussion. 

2nd Opinion

Sometimes you want an evaluation of the engineering process, product or service. Not to check on your own engineers, but just to be sure all aspects are taken into account. When working on a topic for long, as an individual or as a team, there is a potential of tunnel vision. 

A second opinion can get out the final requirements, checks the process followed and evaluate the product without bias.