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Project Duration


Project Competenses

    • Concept Development
    • Design for Additive Manufacturing
    • Topology Optimisation
    • Business Development
    • • Supplier Selection

Project Background

Lightweight is a primary focus within the motorsport industry.

“Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere” – Colin Chapman.

Removing weight in the suspension is both challenging and rewarding. Challenging because suspension systems are heavy loaded systems, rewarding because removing weight here will improve both the total vehicle weight and improve the sprung/unsprung ratio. 

Suspension uprights are a typical product where performance can be gained by reducing weight and increasing stiffness. 

The Objective

Fransiscó was asked to lead the development of a lightweight upright for a Lotus Elise Series 1.

The redesigned upright should:

  • Lower the ride height while maintaining the suspension kinematics
  • Withstand severe motorsport loadcases
    • Extreme braking forces
    • Over 2g cornering loads
    • Curbstone impacts in lateral, vertical and longitudinal directions
  • Increase the camber stiffness compared to the OEM upright
  • Achieve a weight reduction of 25% or more
  • Be flexible in terms of bearing use and bearing position
  • Facilitate camber adjustments

The intended production method is Metal Additive Manufacturing. The geometry should be designed accordingly. 

The Result

The result is a complete redesigned upright concept, with only material in places were it is contributing to strength and functionality.

Weight of the upright system dropped from 1.9kg to just 1.4kg, a reduction of over 25%. In the mean time camber stiffness has been increased by 25%

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