Lightweight Calipers

  • Reduced unsprung mass
  • Increased caliper stiffness for improved brake pedal feel
  • Single bleeding valve for easy bleeding
  • Modified to fit specific upright setup
  • Sensor integration
  • Customised cooling package

The possibilities are endless. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Custom lightweight brake caliper, designed and engineered to custom specification. Optimised for metal additive manufacturing in titanium, high performance aluminium alloy or conventional machining.

The benefits:

  • Unsprung weight reduction, depending on benchmark up to 30% possible
  • Custom brake piston sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 piston setup
  • Sensor integration mounting features e.g.:
    • Brake pad position and wear
    • Brake caliper body temperature
    • Brake disc temperature
    • Accelerometers
  • Custom specific brake caliper mounting
    • Custom caliper bolt spacing e.g. 130mm, 225mm or other
    • Caliper offset
    • Adapted for caliper mounting angle to lower the CoG
  • Provisions for optimal brake cooling ducting
  • For steel brake discs or carbon-carbon brake discs
    • designed for customer desired brake pad setup

Specifically applicable for:

  • Motorsport
    • Hill climb
    • Cup series
    • Time-Attack
    • Rally and RallyX
    • etc.
  • Automotive prototyping
  • Automotive start-up
  • Niche automotive super/hyper car manufacturer


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