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Concept Development


Project Duration

2016 – 2018

Project Competenses

  • Concept Development
  • Topology Optimisation
  • Composite Design
  • Automotive Engineering

Project Background

Automotive manufacturers are looking at lightweight materials to reduce fleet CO2 emissions and to improve ride and handling characteristics. Carbon composites are more and more used in automotive, especially in the body and chassis area. Suspension systems form a challenging environment due to the harsh conditions it has to operate in.

The Objective

Fransiscó was asked to develop several lightweight concepts that:

  • Show a substantial weight saving over conventional cast aluminium uprights
  • Makes optimal use of the directional carbon fibre properties
  • Can handle severe load conditions
  • Can be manufactured at automotive scale
  • Composites offer great tensile strength and stiffness.

  • From all engineering materials, composites offer a good compromise between strength, stiffness and weight.

  • Topology Optimisation was used to define an effecient geometry. Material is only placed in locations where it contributes to strength and stiffness.

    The Result

    The concepts have been presented at a major automotive manufacturer. The outcome was a joined development effort between SKF and this OEM, to bring the concept further towards a higher technology readiness level.

    More Info

    For more information about concept development and composite design please contact Fransiscó at: