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Lightweight to reduce CO2 emissions and cost


Emons Group

Project Duration


Project Competenses

    • Concept Development
    • Lightweight Engineering
    • Topology Optimisation
    • Actuator Selection

Project Background

Transporting glass is typically done using so called inloaders. These special developed trailers can transport jumbo-sized glass, 6 x 3.21 meter, in packs of 2.8t. Due to the maximum allowable weight of 40t, transporting 9 packs at once is currently the norm. The challenge is to increase the payload up to 11 packs by reducing the weight of the truck trailer combination. By increasing the payload both transportation cost and CO2 emissions can be reduced.

The Objective

The large glass packs are safely contained inside the trailer using up to 12 fixation units. Fransiscó was asked to engineer a new fixation concept that:

  • Reduces the weight of the complete inloader fixation system
  • Operates using electric actuators instead of traditional hydraulic cylinders
  • Enables flexible transportation of 1-11 packs of glass
  • Can be manufactured at a cost, comparable to existing fixation system

The Result

The end result of this project is a electrically actuated glass fixation called the E-Push. The redesign, inspired by Topology Optimisation resulted in a weight reduction of nearly 50%. Extensive Finite Element Analysis has been executed to ensure achieving the required performance before physical testing took place.

An inloader equipped with 12 redesigned fixation sytems has been tested at a closed testtrack. The new concept design withstood the extreme loading conditions successfully. It has also received TÜV certification.

More Info

For more information about concept development and lightweight engineering please contact Fransiscó at: