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Shift Console

Customised to the drivers preference, improving the transmission


Project Duration

2015 – Today

Project Competenses

  • Concept Development
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Topology Optimisation
  • Design for Assembly
  • Design Thinking

  •  Automotive Engineering

Project Background

Although the manual transmission are becoming less relevant with the upcoming dominance of electric vehicles, there still is a large enthusiast base for cars with a manual transmission. A nice shifting feel starts with the correct positioning of the gear lever and direct operation of the mechanism.

The Objective

Fransiscó has developed a customisable gear shift console for a Lotus Elise sportscar. The aim of the development was:
  • Reduce the weight of the complete assembly
  • Position the gear lever closer to the steering wheel
  • Increase the stiffness of the structure
  • Can be applied and removed from the car without permanent damage
  • The original Circle stool by Van der Kallen used welded metal corner pieces. 

  • Various use cases have been defined prior to topology optimisation.

  • Topology Optimisation was used to define an effecient geometry. Material is only placed in locations where it contributes to strength and stiffness.

    The Result

    Topology Optimisation and Concept Development was used to create a stiffness optimised structure that included not only the gear shift mechanism, but also included the handbrake mechanism and a brake bias adjuster. The redesigning console brings the gear shift lever closed to the steering wheel, improving ergonomics and shift feel. The numbers:

    • 22 parts combined into one structure
    • Weight reduction of 30%, or 500gram
    • 25% increase in stiffness

    More Info

    For more information about topology optimisation please contact Fransiscó at: