• Lightweight Engineering

    Riding the off-road trails requires a light and strong adventure motorcycle, with the weight in the right location. Lightweight engineering is therefore one of Fransiscó’s expertise’s. Next to developing the adventure motorcycle, we are offering this knowledge and expertise also to external customers.

Customers we worked for:

  • SKF
  • Vuyk
  • Voith
  • Van der Kallen
  • IHC
  • Emons Group
  • Carbon Performance
  • RR Mechatronics
  • Segula
  • DSM
  • Insumo B.V.

Creating Lightweight

Lightweight optimised products, systems and parts use less material resources, move faster and more accurate while being energy efficient. Low weight enables you to transport more payload, have faster production rates or save on cost by using less material.

Low weight can be realised by geometry changes, inspired by nature (bionic design) using topology optimisation, by using different materials and material combinations like composite or by using different manufacturing methods such as additive manufacturing.

We have helped many customers with their lightweight challengeThe experience we gain and the methods we develop are also available to our customers as an engineering service.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.  

Concept Development

The start of every lightweight project is rethinking the current concept and find ways to apply lighter materials, innovative geometries and integrate parts & functionality. Brainstorming, benchmarking, 3D modeling, FEM analysis and prototyping are part of this concept development. We have a track record of out-of-the-box solutions, where we combine practical experience with academic knowhowfrom various industries.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing, or 3D printing, makes it possible to manufacture complex geometries in metal, polymers or even ceramics. The given design freedom requires a different way of designing parts, using different tools and processes.

Over the years Fransiscó has specialised itself in Design for Additive Manufacturing. We even won the Additive World Design Challenge in 2015.  

Composite Engineering

Composites are very strong and very stiff if designed correctly. By defining and analysing compressive and tensile stresses we gain information to place the fibres in the most effective position. 

Topology Optimisation

Nature is one of our inspiration sources for lightweight design. Topology optimisation, using the same algoritmes that the human body is using to reinforce the bones of your body, is one of the tools to minimise material use while still maintaining performance. 

Topology Optimisation studies provide useful information for every manufacturing method.

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